Hi Everybody,

Have you noticed? Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, we’ve all been completely SWAMPED with emails from every business that we have ever given our emails to. I’ll try to keep this brief with just a word about my opening status. Legally speaking, I could be open right now for bodywork for people with doctor’s notes. Other than that, I am legally able to open massage to the general public in July. However, I am waiting to make my final decision in regards to re-opening until the last week of June. This is a personal decision I am making due to my concerns with Maine’s reopening for business and how that will affect the rate of COVID 19 infections.

Long story short- I am tentatively preparing to open in July.

That means getting hand sanitizer, masks, goggles, UV lights, and, making sure that I have all the precautions in place for every client that comes through the door, including setting my standards for limiting contact during intake and outtake, and making sure only one client at a time is in the waiting area.I’m busy consulting guidelines that revered massage professionals have been following, and will be drafting a detailed list of the precautions I will be recommending to clients. I do believe that, if proper precautions are taken, bodywork and polarity therapy will be quite low-risk activity, but I’m also waiting to see how re-opening affects the spread of COVID 19 in Maine. I miss working with clients but I need to think about the public at large.

This is where I’m asking for your help.
Please take a moment to tell me how you feel about COVID 19 Safety All your responses will be confidential- or if you want me to reach out for further discussion, there’s also an option to leave your contact info!

The link to the survey is:

Thanks so much, and, Now, more than Ever-

Be Well,