Covid-19 Protocols

Covid-19 Updates As of 12-29-21

To ensure safety of all of my clients I am only seeing vaccinated clients at my practice until the end of the pandemic. For all new clients I am asking for proof of vaccination to ensure the trust of all clients who see me. 

We are masking throughout the session, with the window slightly open and a HEPA air filter on. There is heat on the table and extra blankets(which I don’t reuse in sessions) to compensate for any coolness in the room. I also space my clients out more than a half hour per session. 

In the event that you feel sick in any way, even if it’s a cold, I ask that you default to canceling. There is no charge for last minute canceling due to illness. 

I thank you for all of your support and all of your hard work in this difficult era of our lives. We will get through this! 

Stay healthy and safe,