Covid-19 Protocols

I am taking clients on a case by case basis while we are still in the Covid-19 Pandemic. If you have not seen me since the Fall of 2020 I ask that people correspond via phone or email conversation to discuss their Covid-19 safety habits. For the safety of myself, them, and all of my close family and clientele I take this extra measure beyond the Mills to do my best to prevent pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic spread of the virus. Here is some additional information about my habits, protocols and guidelines.

* Currently, I am taking no more than 5 clients a week, no more than 2 clients a day. I wear a N95 and I test weekly. I keep a window with a fan and HEPA air filter on at all times during a session. If I have more than one session in a day, I space the clients out more than an hour.

*I ask that you wear a mask during your time with me at all times. I will ask you to wash your hands when you arrive and after the session is over.

*Currently, I am not accepting clients who are dining indoors or working in restaurants where there is indoor dining. I am also not accepting clients who are working indoors with people where there is known illness of any kind such as hospitals, doctors offices, and rest homes.

*I ask that people notify me to cancel if they think they are ill with any symptoms of any kind, and if they believe themselves to have been within three degrees of separation with someone who was ill. This could include if you live with someone who works in a such a setting as mentioned in the prior guideline. or live with someone who works where there was a recent outbreak.

If someone is in a workplace or lives with someone who works where there is a reported outbreak, I ask that they wait 14 Days after the outbreak has been deemed resolved and show a negative test.

*A quarantine along with a negative test also applies to potential clients returning from out of state or out of the country.

I am more than happy to discuss the guidelines and parameters with anyone regardless of booking a session with me. It is my regret to implement some of the strict policies in my practice, though I feel is best for our safety amidst these challenging times for all of us. I hope to lift these restrictions as soon as the WHO and CDC deem there to be herd immunity in the United States.